Shrinkage Reducing

EKAN®SR 50 is a chloride-free admixture specifically formulated to reduce drying shrinkage in mortars and concretes. EKAN®SR 50 provides a significant reduction in shrinkage strain and harmful cracks. EKAN®SR 50;

Minimizes drying shrinkage in both fresh and hardened concrete properties – the initial and final setting times can be extended by approximately 30-60 minutes
Enhances water impermeability of water-retaining structures.
Increases the durability and service life of concrete.
Reduces joint maintenance expenses in concrete slabs.
Allows for expanded spacing between joints.

Ekan® SR 50

Shrinkage Reducing Admixture

EN 934-2, EN 934-5, EN1504-3

EN 934-2, EN 934-5,


9001: 2015, 14001:
2015, 45001 : 2018