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Solutions Guide2023-08-23T15:54:37+03:00

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EKAN Product Range

With an unrivaled history of product development, reliability and technical expertise all products are specifically designed for a wide range of applications including infrastructure, superstructure and substructures, industrial applications, as well as heavy and light precast.

Ekan Chem provides the sectors of ready-mix concrete, precast concrete, and cement with a vast variety of products.

Ready-Mix Concrete

Plasticizers, set retarders, set accelerators, water impermeability admixtures, air-entraining admixtures, shot-crete chemicals

Precast Concrete

Plasticizers, set accelerators, air-entraining admixtures, formwork release agents, water impermeability admixtures

Auxiliary Products

Formwork release agents, pigments, synthetic fibers, curing agents, binding mortars

Products for Cement

Grinding aids, strength enhancers, Cr+6 reducers

We are jointly developing the most suitable tailor-made touch for your concrete.

Let’s develop the most fitting touch to your concrete needs together.

Welcome to EKAN Chemistry technical expertise.

How can we contribute to your project?

I want to be able to pour concrete in challenging weather conditions.2023-07-12T13:32:00+03:00

See our Ekan®HZ accelerator series and Ekan®GCT retarder series.

There is no project batching plant, and the transportation distance is also long. I want to redossage my concrete at construction site and adjust its consistency.2023-07-12T13:33:13+03:00

Get informed about our redossage admixture serie, Ekan®RD.

I have time restrictions with my project, what can I do to have the formwork removed earlier?2023-07-12T13:36:41+03:00

With our accelerator series, Ekan®HZ, you can shorten the setting time of your concrete by accelerating the cement hydration reaction. Additionally, with our Ekan®MIX or Ekan®FLEX series, you can achieve the desired high strength, durability, and workability in the concrete.

How can I reduce my carbon emissions? How can I achieve a more sustainable manufacturing with effective resource utilization?2023-07-12T13:38:15+03:00

Take a look at our cement products which are developed for the most efficient use of cement in terms of sustainable manufacturing.

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