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Ekan Chem

With its manufacturing plants in Piemonte and lstanbul, Ekan Chem has successfully carried out both the manufacturing and sales of its ready-mixed concrete admixtures and cement additives for many years.

Ekan aims to be the leader with its product quality, believes that the constant pursuit of quality in every business process is the key to success, seeks dynamic and new opportunities in the market, attaches importance to contributing to its employees, shareholders and communities in the regions where it operates, believes in sustainable growth and works to achieve this.

Sirket Profili

Ekan Kimya

Üretim faaliyetlerini İtalya ve Türkiye’deki tesislerinde sürdüren Ekan Kimya, uzun yıllardır hazır beton ve çimento sektörüne yönelik tüm kimyasalların Ar-Ge, üretim ve satış faaliyetlerini deneyimli kadrosuyla gerçekleştirmektedir.

Ekan Kimya, hazır beton ve çimento kimyasallarındaki üretim ve yönetim tecrübesini Ar-Ge gücü ve çevresel duyarlılığıyla birleştirerek müşterilerine en yenilikçi ürün ve kaliteli hizmeti sunar.

Ürünlerinin kalitesiyle lider olmayı hedefleyen Ekan, tüm iş süreçlerinde  sürekli kalite arayışının başarının anahtarı olduğuna inanmakta, pazarda dinamik ve yeni fırsatlar aramakta, çalışanlarına, paydaşlarına ve faaliyet gösterdiği bölgelerdeki toplumlara katkıda bulunmaya önem vermekte, sürdürülebilir büyümeye inanmakta ve bunu gerçekleştirmek için çalışmaktadır.

A Responsible Manufacturer

As a “responsible manufacturer” for building chemicals, Ekan Chem operates with a keen awareness in sustainability for continuous improvement – both for long term success and our planet’s future.


Responsible Manufacturer

Continuous Improvement

  • Constant improvement of product and service quality through adaptation of high-end technologies

  • Ensuring lifelong customer loyalty based on effective communication, a sustainable supply-chain mechanism, and superior technical support

  • Maintaining a wide, reliable, and standardized framework of services worldwide

  • Sustainable growth by becoming a powerful supplier in the chemicals sector through enhancing its competitiveness by developing R&D activities

Best solutions


Fully-equipped facility to address all ready-mix concrete, cement, and aggregate experiments.

  • On the basis of their founders’ over 20
    years of experience, Ekan R&D Centre was
    brought to life to ensure the R&D and quality control efforts are executed seamlessly, as well as to develop sustainable and high-performance product ranges.

  • Fully utilizing the Ekan R&D Centre with its high-tech chemistry, polymers, ready-mix concrete, and cement laboratories, Ekan Chem provides the sectors of ready-mix concrete, precast concrete, and cement.
  • In this respect, Ekan Chem is capable of
    following the current trends in the sector and consequently enhancing its competitiveness and service quality by developing tailor-made products.
Best solutions

Qaulity Management

Processes for Quality

Raw material input as well as output controls take place in accordance with the ISO and CE standards.

Samples from each raw material and finished products are stored for one year minimum following their quality checks in the chemistry, concrete, and cement laboratories.

Ekan Chem operates on the basis of ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems certificate, delivering superior service with its CE labeled products



Merging its manufacturing and executive experience with a powerful R&D structure and an environmental sentiment, Ekan Chem delivers the most innovative and superior quality service.

Embracing innovation and reliability as core values, Ekan Chem aspires to sustain high-level customer satisfaction through high-end services and products. As the production bases for high-quality concrete admixtures and cement additives, the facilities in Ekan Chem manufacturing plants meet universal quality standards.

Developed by the most innovative means, Ekan Chem products are brought to its customers only after passing all the necessary quality tests, in a timely manner.

Technical Support

Ekan’s distinguished technical support is part of its tailor-made approach. Available to its clients almost as if it were their in-house R&D, Ekan makes sure to offer assistance and supervision even long after the product is designed, to ensure the result is delivered in an errorless manner. If desired, the clients can attend the experiments that take place in Ekan facilities too.


Taking all environmental and occupational safety measures for the manufacturing phase, Ekan Chem adheres to the relevant laws extensively in all phases, including the transfer of its products to storage units at the delivery spots of their customers. All Ekan tankers have stainless steel container parts which means there is no risk of corrosion that might pollute the product, and the insides can be easily cleaned after deliveries as well.