Shot-Crete Admixture

  • EKAN®SHOT 25 AF is a liquid accelerator admixture used in shotcrete production, which does not contain alkalis.

    EKAN®SHOT 25 AF:

  • Reduces the risk of concrete rebound.

  • Does not contain alkalis nor chlorides.

  • Does not cause additional pollution in groundwater.

  •  Significantly reduces dust formation.

  • Allows for achieving the maximum concrete thickness in a single application.

  •  Facilitates ease of use by enhancing concrete adhesion in overhead applications.

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Technical Data



1.38 – 1.42 kg/lt

2.00 – 3.5 (20°C)

150-850 mPa.s (20°C)

Plastic Tank: 1100 kg

Areas of Use

  • In tunnels, bridges, subways, dams, and underground works

  • In places where curved, dome-like, or other free-form shapes are desired,

  • In shotcrete applications where early and final strength are required,

  • In slope stabilization

  • In underground concrete surfaces.


Dosage: Used in the range of 3% to 10% of the binder content in 1 m3 of concrete.

The dosage can vary depending on the applied surface, ambient temperature, and the capacity of the spraying equipment. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct preliminary trials on the construction site.

In wet process, it is added to the concrete through a separate hose at the end of the nozzle using a dosing pump.

In dry process, it is added to the dry concrete mix through a separate hose at the end of the nozzle after being mixed with water before application


EKAN®SHOT 25 AF’s shelf life is 12 months when stored in its original package and away from direct sunlight.

After a long idle period, shake, mix the product or use a circulation pump to homogenize it before use.

After a freezing-thawing cycle, mix the product before use.

Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Detailed health and safety information is available in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)