Chromium (VI) Reducing Admixture

EKAN®REDUCE IS is an admixture that has been formulated around iron sulphate in liquid form. EKAN®REDUCE IS has the below qualities:

  • Exceptional cement storage stability

  • Ease of use

  • Liquid Additive

  • No staining or retardation

  • Compatible with cement additives and concrete admixtures

EKAN®REDUCE IS degrades the hexavalent chromium (Chromium VI) to Chromium III in hydrated cement.

EKAN®REDUCE IS’s duration of activity in powder cement form is 3 months maximum.

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Dark Green

1.280 ±0.03kg/L

7.00 ± 1.5

44.00 ±5%


1 m3 IBC containers weighing approximately 1350 kg

Areas of Use

  • All types of cement according to ENV 197-1, type I to V

  • The use of EKAN®REDUCE IS does not influence the performance of cement, mortar or concrete.

  • EKAN®REDUCE IS is compatible with commonly used cement additives and concrete admixtures.


Dosage: 300 gr/ton – 500 gr/ton for 1 ppm Chromium (VI).

Actual dose of EKAN®REDUCE IS will depend on the desired cement shelf-life and on cement grinding and storage conditions.

EKAN®REDUCE IS should be circulated in storage tank in order to avoid precipitation.

For detailed information please contact with EKAN sales representatives


Chromium (VI) levels of ≤ 2 ppm have been maintained for well over 3 months in cements treated with EKAN®REDUCE IS

Storage stability at different plants depends on milling and storage conditions.

All precautions defined on the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for EKAN®REDUCE IS must be followed.