Alkali-free Powder Accelerator for Shot-crete

EKAN®SHOT P10 AF is an aluminum sulphate based quick setting admixture used in dry-mix shotcreting and guniting works. EKAN®SHOT P10 AF is a ready-to-use, noncorrosive powder and used with sprayed concrete for consolidating rock surface in tunnels, galleries, retaining walls and concrete linings applied through wet mix shotcreting and guniting.

  • Substantially reduces the rebound by adjusting the cohesiveness of the concrete.

  • Gets homogenously distributed in concrete.

  • Does not affect the durability negatively.

  • Eliminates the risk of ASR (Alkali Agregate Reaction).

  • Is compatible with pumping aids.

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Technical Data

Inorganic mixture

Mealy powder


1.10 ± 0.05 kg/lt

≤ %0.1 (EN 480–10)

≤ %1 (EN 480–12)

20 kg craft paper bags


Dosage: Used in the range of 4 to 10% by weight of cement used, depending upon mix design, ambient temperature, and substrate. EKAN®SHOT P10 AF is adjusted for different kinds of cement used and optimum dosage to be determined through tests at the jobsite. The required amount of EKAN®SHOT P10 AF is added into the dry sand/cement mix usually by dispensing equipment, after the predamping (if done).

CEMENT: Since EKAN®SHOT P10 AF accelerates complex hydration and crystallization process, difference in composition of cement and fineness affects the consumption considerably. Normal portland cement is recommended as binder.

WATER: Waters containing anhydrite sulphate adversly affect shotcreting. For this reason water analysis is required. W/C ratio can vary between 0.3 to 0.4 depending upon ambient temperature, cement composition and aggregate granulometry. W/C ratio to be reduced especially at low ambient temperatures.


AGGREGATE: Sand and coarse aggregate should be clean and free from impurities as clay and silt. From chemical reaction point of view, compounds containing chlorides and sulphates and material causing alkaline/aggregate reaction are not desirable. Moisture content should be lower than 5%. Aggregate granulometry and amount of cement used are dependent to the purpose of shotcreting.

SPRAYING AND REBOUND: Surface to be sprayed should be free of any loose pieces, clean, solid and moistened to avoid surface to suck water from concrete. For damp and water leaking surfaces, water in concrete should be reduced. Air pressure should be monitored carefully. Distance between surface and nozzle to be 1-1.5 m and nozzle should be at right angle to the surface. Thin and multilayer application with continuous move in nozzle helps to reduce the rebound. (Refer to ACI 506-66)


• EKAN®SHOT P10 AF is insensitive to frost and should be stored in dry places. The shelf life of undamaged bags is one year.
• EKAN®SHOT P10 AF is a nontoxic material. No special precaution is required during handling. The regular precautions as use of gloves and goggles are required, during handling.
Avoid being in touch with the product. If contacted to skin and eye, wash with plenty of water. Detailed health and safety information is available in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).