Workability, Adhesion, and Impermeability Enhancing Admixture for Cement-Based Materials

EKAN®LATEX is a liquid admixture based on styrene-butadiene, which enhances the workability and impermeability of cement-based materials such as plaster, screed, and mortar. EKAN®LATEX is used in cases where the following are required:

  • Increasing bonding strength on the substrate,
  • Improving abrasion resistance,

  • Reducing water permeability,
  • Enhancing resistance to freeze-thaw cycles.

EKAN®LATEX, is ready for use; it forms strong bonds in the applied areas, increases resistance to shrinkage cracks, and provides elasticity and adhesion to the mortar.

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Technical Data

White Liquid



1.01±0.03 kg/L

<0,01 %

*These values have been obtained under laboratory conditions (temperature of (23±2)°C and 50% relative humidity) and may vary in construction site applications.

**EKAN CHEM shall not be responsible for any application errors that may arise from the product being used for purposes other than its intended use or if the specified application conditions and recommendations mentioned above are not followed

Plastic Can: 5 kg, 20 kg

Areas of Use

Surface Preparation

The surface must be clean, dry, smooth and solid. The surface must be cleared of loose residues that will prevent adhesion. It should not be shaken more than necessary to avoid excessive air entry.

For Plaster Mortars

EKAN®LATEX / Water Ratio for plasters: It should be mixed in a clean container at a ratio of 1/3-1/4. Cement/ sand ratio in the mortar should be 1/3. The dry mixture should be added to the liquid mixture to form a liquid mortar.

For Repair Mortars

To prevent sudden water loss and shrinkage cracks that
occur especially in hot weather, EKAN®LATEX should be mixed with water in a clean container at a ratio of 1/2-1/3.


  • The cement/sand ratio in the mortar should be 1/2-1/3, and the size of the sand grains should be determined according to the thickness of the plaster to be applied to the

  • Dry mixture should be added to the liquid mixture to create a homogeneous one

  • For primer applications and to enhance adhesion: EKAN®LATEX should be mixed with water in a clean container at a ratio of 1/1, and cement should be added until it reaches a porridge-like consistency

  • The resulting cement slurry should be applied by brush or poured onto the surface

  • Plaster or screed should be applied before the surface dries completely.

  • In tile and ceramic adhesive applications, EKAN®LATEX slurry should be applied to the surface.

  • For adhesion, the EKAN®LATEX/water mixture should be applied to the surface as a primer.


EKAN®LATEX’ s shelf life is 12 months when stored in its original package and away from direct sunlight.

After application, hands and application tools should be washed thoroughly with plenty of water.

During application, the surface should be protected from wind and direct sunlight.

Application should not be performed on surfaces that have been exposed to prolonged sunlight and extreme heat or have frozen.

Before full setting, the air temperature should not drop
below +40°C.

Always use fresh binders and clean-washed materials with the appropriate particle composition.

The specified consumption quantity is a general guideline and may vary depending on application conditions and surface characteristics.