Ekan® HZ-40

Hardening Accelerator
EN 934-2 T 6

  • EKAN®HZ 40 is a water-soluble, organic and mineral salt-based hardening accelerating admixture for concrete.
  • EKAN®HZ 40 accelerates cement hydration and greatly speeds up the concrete curing time. It promotes hydration over a wider surface area and in a more homogeneous manner, significantly increasing compressive strength. EKAN®HZ 40 specifically protects concrete against freezing conditions, especially in cold climates.
  • EKAN®HZ 40 effective in reducing the risk of crack formation.

  • EKAN®HZ 40 does not have a water reducing effect.

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Technical Data


Light Brown

1.150 ± 0.03 kg/lt

7.00 ± 1.5


Plastic Tank: 1100 kg

Areas of Use

  • All types of cement (except for aluminous cement)

  •  Ready-mix concrete

  •  Reinforced concrete

  •  Mass concrete

  •  Pumped concrete


Dosage: 0,4 kg – 1,5 kg per 100 kg cement.

Optimum dose of EKAN®HZ 40 should be established after local tests considering expected mechanical properties of the cement and fluidity of the mixture.

EKAN®HZ 40 is fully water-soluble. For best performance, it is recommended to add the product to the second half of the mixture water.

For further information please contact with EKAN sales


EKAN®HZ 40’s shelf life is 12 months when stored in its original package and away from direct sunlight.

After a long idle period, shake, mix the product or use a circulation pump to homogenize it before use.

After a freezing-thawing cycle, mix the product before

Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Detailed health and safety information is available in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)