Grinding Aid / Early and Final Strength Enhancer

  • EKAN®FLEX 208 is a grinding aid specifically formulated to increase the early and final strengths of cement. It increases mill production (10% to 25%) depending on the efficiency of the equipment and the characteristics of the material to be ground.
  • Reduces shrinkage (initial set) and grinding energy costs,
  • The risk of false set is reduced due to lower grinding temperatures.

  • lmproves physical properties of the ground material, and increases bulk density,

  • lmproves powder flow characteristics before, during and after storage,

  • Pack-set tendencies and coating are substantially reduced,

  • Cement particle size distribution is improved resulting in a more thorough hydration.

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Light Brown

1.070 kg/dm3 (± 0.03)

5.00 (±1)

> 160 – 180°C

1.20 ± 0.03 kg/L


Plastic Tank: 1000 L


  • All types of cement according to ENV 197-1, type I to V

  • Manufacturing of rapid hardening cement


Dosage: 150-350 gr/ton (Optimum dose: 250 gr/ton)

Optimum dose of EKAN®FLEX 208 should be established after local tests considering expected mechanical properties of the cement and fluidity of the mixture.

EKAN®FLEX 208 is a ready-to-use liquid admixture. A dosing pump is required to introduce the correct dosage into the mill. EKAN®FLEX 208 may be introduced either directly into the mill or onto the feed conveyor belt.

For detailed information please contact with EKAN sales representatives.


EKAN®FLEX 208’s shelf life is 12 months starting from the manufacturing date, provided the product is not altered with other chemicals.

Do not mix EKAN®FLEX 208 with any other product.

EKAN®FLEX 208 will not freeze above -5°C.

EKAN®FLEX 208 can cause irritation in case of contact with eyes and skin. Whilst handling, it is compulsory to obey the general industrial safety precautions (goggles, gloves and mask).

If EKAN®FLEX 208 comes into contact with skin, flush with water immediately.

EKAN®FLEX 208 is non-flammable (F.P.>180°C).

Spillage of EKAN®FLEX 208 can be removed with water.