Ekan® GCT 30

Set Retarder

EN 934-2 T 8

EKAN®GCT 30 is a retarding and plasticizing admixture. It enhances the slump retention performance by extending the setting time of concrete in climates with high temperatures. Helping reduce the hydration heat within the concrete, it contributes to the increase in the 28-day concrete strength.

EKAN®GCT 30 offers the following advantages:

  • Improves concrete workability.
  • Reduces concrete segregation.

  • Provides excellent finishing capability on site concrete and formwork surfaces.

  • Delays setting time in a controlled manner depending on the dosage.

  • Provides flexibility in concrete placement and finishing schedules.

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Ligth Brown

1.160 ± 0.03 kg/lt

7.50 ± 1.5


Plastic Tank: 1100 kg

Areas of Use

  • All types of cement (except for aluminous cement)

  • Ready-mix concrete

  • Reinforced concrete

  • Mass concrete

  • Pumped concrete


Dosage: 0.1 kg – 1 kg per 100 kg cement.

Optimum dose of EKAN®GCT 30 should be established after local tests considering expected mechanical properties of the cement and fluidity of the mixture.

EKAN®GCT 30 is fully water-soluble. For best performance, it is recommended to add the product to the second half of the mixture water.

For further information please contact with EKAN sales representatives.


EKAN®GCT 30’s shelf life is 12 months when stored in its original package and away from direct sunlight.

After a long idle period, shake, mix the product or use a circulation pump to homogenize it before use.

After a freezing-thawing cycle, mix the product before use.

Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Detailed health and safety information is available in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).