100% Pure Polypropylene Monofilament Micro Fiber Reinforcement System

  • CONCREASY®MICRO 12 is a high-grade synthetic polymer fiber reinforcement, produced from 100% pure polypropylene raw material in compliance with EN 14889-2 standards. It is developed to prevent and control three-dimensional cracking at every point in concrete due to shrinkage in fresh concrete and long-term drying conditions in all concrete applications in infrastructure and superstructure projects.


  • Enhances concrete’s resistance against cracking due to internal and external conditions.

  • Provides effective crack control at every point.

  • Increases surface strength, offering protection against impact and abrasion.

  • Ensures passive fire resistance in concrete.

  • Enables high-quality, micro-crack-free precast production.

  • Maintains 100% durability against concrete’s alkaline environment.

  • Exhibits excellent resistance against acid, ground and sea water, and long-term corrosion.

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%100 Pure Polypropylene

0.91 gr/cm3

Monofilament Micro Fiber Reinforcement

12 mm

6 mm – 18 mm – 24 mm – 36 mm

550 – 650 MPa

EN 14889-2

In 600-gram polyethylene bags, palletized.

Areas of Use

  • Interior and exterior site concrete, screeds, coatings, field and industrial floor concretes

  • Tunnel and mining lining and sprayed concretes

  • Concrete roads, railway track bed concretes

  • All precast concrete manufacturing

  • Water and energy structures

  • All ready-mix concrete productions where micro-cracking is undesired


A minimum of 600 grams per 1 m3 of concrete for common ready-mix concrete production,

A minimum of 1-2 kg per 1 m3 of concrete for precast structural element manufacturing,

A minimum ratio of 0.5% of the dry binder weight per 1 m3 volume in the production of construction chemicals.

Mixing and Application Instructions

CONCREASY®MICRO 12 is easily added to concrete on-site. In transit mixer mixing, after the final bag of CONCREASY®MICRO 12 is added, maximum homogeneity can be achieved by mixing at high speed for an average of 8 minutes.


CONCREASY®MICRO 12’s shelf life is 2 years minimum when unopened and stored in a dry, moisture-free indoor environment in its original package.