Macro Synthetic Fiber Reinforcements in Tape Form for Structural Concrete Strengthening

  • CONCREASY®MACRO is EKAN Chem’s highest-performing structural macro synthetic fiber reinforcement to date, developed for concrete strengthening applications.

    CONCREASY®MACRO, produced from 100% pure Polypropylene raw material in accordance with ASTM C-1116 and EN 14889-2 standards, provides ultra-high energy absorption capacity, effective crack control, and enhanced concrete service life in field concrete reinforcement applications.


  • Contains approximately 209.000 structural fiber reinforcements in tape form per 1 kg.

  • Has high quantities of fiber reinforcements providing three-dimensional crack control, at every point in the concrete body.

  • Its ultra-soft tape fibers do not remain on the concrete surface.

  • Easily ensures 100% homogeneous mixing in concrete.

  • Provides a very high energy absorption capacity with an average of 500.000 – 600.000 fiber reinforcements per 1 m3 of concrete.

  • Exhibits excellent resistance against acid, alkali, groundwater, seawater, and long-term corrosion due to its 100% pure polymer structure.

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Technical Data

100% Pure Polypropylene

0.91 gr/cm3

Tape Form Structural Macro Fiber Reinforcement

40 – 42 mm

550 – 650 Mpa

6 – 10 GPa

209.000 Monofilament Tape

EN 14889-2

In 2 kilogram polyethylene bags, palletized.

Areas of Use

  • All industrial interior and exterior concrete

  • Covering and screed concrete

  • Concrete Roads

  • Light Rail Systems, Railway Track Bed Concretes

  • High-Speed Train and Metro Track Bed Concretes

  • Coastal and Harbor Projects

  • Water Structures and Infrastructure Facilities

  • Airport Facilities and Runways

  • Precast Structural Elements

  • Shot-Crete Applications in Tunnels and Mines


Dosage and Mixing Instructions

The minimum dosage of CONCREASY®MACRO is 2 kg/m3. Depending on the design loads and strength requirements of the field concrete, it can be used up to maximum dosages of 6-8 kg/m3.

CONCREASY®MACRO easily integrates into concrete on-site. In the transit mixer mix, after adding the last bag of CONCREASY®MACRO, maximum homogeneity can be achieved by mixing at high speed for an average of 8 minutes.


CONCREASY®MACRO ’s shelf life is 2 years minimum when unopened and stored in a dry, moisture-free indoor environment in its original package