Ekan® ADMIX 75

Crystalline-Based Admixture Providing Water Impermeability of Concrete

EN 934-2 T 9

  • EKAN®ADMIX 75 is a crystalline-based concrete admixture that enhances the impermeability of concrete against capillary water absorption.
  • Thanks to its chemical components, EKAN®ADMIX 75  reacts with the moisture/water and hydration by-products of cement, filling the pores and capillary voids that occur in concrete during the hydration stage.

  • By filling these voids in concrete without compromising its workability, EKAN®ADMIX 75 positively impacts its strength.

    It reduces sweating and segregation, making it easier to achieve a smooth concrete surface.

  • When added to the mixer on-site, EKAN®ADMIX 75 should be mixed at high speed for at least 1 minute for every 1 m3 of concrete in the mixer.

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Light Brown

1.05 ± 0.03 kg/lt

10.50 ± 1.5


Plastic Can: 25 kg

Plastic Tank: 1100 kg

Areas of Use

  • With all types of cement

  • In field and industrial floor concretes

  • In concretes exposed to pressurized water

  • In raft foundation and curtain wall concretes

  • In water treatment plant concretes

  • In roof and terrace slabs


Dozaj: 0.8 kg to 1.2 kg per 100 kg of cement.

EKAN®ADMIX 75 can be used in ready-mix concrete plants automatically or added to the transit mixer at the construction site.

For detailed information, you can consult the EKAN Technical Sales team.

EKAN®ADMIX 75 is fully water-soluble. For best performance, it is recommended to add the product to the second half of the mixture water.


EKAN®ADMIX 75’s shelf life is 12 months when stored in its original package and away from direct sunlight.

After a long idle period, shake, mix the product or use a circulation pump to homogenize it before use.

After a freezing-thawing cycle, mix the product before use.

Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Detailed health and safety information is available in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).