Ekan® CURE

Curing Agent

EN 1504-2

  • EKAN®CURE is a ready-to-use curing material that prevents rapid water loss from concrete, screeds, and surface hardeners. It is easy to apply and reduces plastic shrinkage cracks caused by rapid drying. By enhancing surface abrasion resistance, it prevents dusting.

  • EKAN®CURE assists concrete, screeds, and surface hardeners in achieving their target strength. It minimizes shrinkage and enables curing and achieving maximum performance of the concrete without affecting normal setting reactions.

  • Since EKAN®CURE penetrates into fresh concrete, it does not create a surface layer, preventing peeling on the surface. With its water-based formula EKAN®CURE is suitable for indoor applications.

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Technical Data

White Liquid


8 ± 1 (20°C’de)

1.02 kg/L

Class I; sD<5 m

Without traffic load;

≥ 0.8 N/mm2

– Bu These values are obtained under laboratory conditions ((23±2)°C temperature and
50% relative humidity) and may vary in construction site environments.
– In case the product is used for purposes other than its intended use or if the specified application conditions and recommendations mentioned above are not followed, EKAN CHEM will not be held responsible for any application errors that may arise.

Plastic Can : 30 kg

Plastic Tank : 1100 kg

Areas of Use

  • On all interior and exterior concrete surfaces, immediately following fresh concrete, screed, and surface hardener applications, in airfields and field concretes, highways
    and bridges, irrigation channels and dams, retaining walls, terraces, and at locations with low humidity and high air circulation.


Surface Preparation: The surface to be treated should be clean and sound, without any water puddling. The surface should be free from residues that might prevent adhesion.

Coverage: 7-10 m2/kg

Prior to application, EKAN®CURE should be shaken. EKAN®CURE is ready for use. It should not be diluted in any way.

Using a roller or spray method, apply EKAN®CURE to the surfaces in equal amounts, forming a thin film layer.


EKAN®CURE’shelf life is 12 months when stored in its original package and away from direct sunlight.

Excessive use of the product may cause surface stains due to variations in application thickness.

It should be ensured that the product is evenly applied to avoid puddling issues.

Hands and application tools should be washed thoroughly with plenty of water after application.

During application, the surface should be protected from wind and direct sunlight.

The specified coverage amount is a general guideline. It may vary depending on application conditions and surface characteristics